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August 2007

Moving South Through California

sunny 25 °C

I spent the final part of my San Francisco time visiting Alcatraz, the audio tour is considered one of the best in America and being there certainly was thrilling and a wonderful experience.

Moving on and after a brief stop in Los Angeles staying on the famous Hollywood Boulevard, apart from a few select areas in Hollywood which are really expensive and well looked after the rest is unfortunately far more run down than you would expect.

After this I have come to the sunny border town of San Diego, the beaches here are magnificent and with about 360 days of sunshine each year they are one of the main reasons to visit.

It sits almost on the border with Mexico and Tijuana is a bit seedy but a popular place for cheap gifts and the nightlife.

Other things to see here are the USS Midway, a decommissioned aircraft Carrier which is permanently birthed off the waterfront and is now a Naval Museum, and of course the world famous San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park, just a short walk from Downtown.

My time here is almost up, the next stop should be really exciting, 24 hour gambling, entertainment, intense desert heat, it can only be Las Vegas!

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Photo's of San Francisco

sunny 32 °C

Here are some photo's of my stay in San Francisco

Me at the Golden Gate Bridge


It was really foggy on the day walking across



A night out in San Francisco


About to dock on Alcatraz Island


Inside Alcatraz Main Cell House - D Block (Isolation)


From Alcatraz looking across the bay to the Golden Gate Bridge


Brief stop on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles

The Hollywood Sign


Hollywood Boulevard


More news later

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Welcome To San Francisco

From Oregon into California

all seasons in one day 22 °C

Finally Arrived in San Francisco and staying in the sister Hostel to the previous one in Seattle.

Been to popular areas of the city such as Fishermans Wharf and Pier 39, both Tourist areas but gave me my first sight of the Golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, and surprisingly a colony of Seals living on the pier.

Alcatraz sells out quickly so it has been necessary to book in advance whilst I am here, but luckily managed to get a ticket for the end of the week.

Next day was a big one for me, a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge, taken lots of photos and learn't about how the bridge was made and when it opened, fascinating!
Whilst walking across the bridge which is just over 1.2 miles long you can really get a feel for all the history, planning and hard work that had gone into building it, numerous plaques and signs display information, and when it's not drenched in fog you have some great views of the bay and the city - it felt really great to visit and see it for myself.

The steepness of the city is crazy, with some roads just seeming to climb sharply for the hell of it, you can walk very far down on one block then have to walk very far back up again on the next, great views but with everything at different heights and levels no wonder they enforce a law requiring residents to park their cars with the front wheels turned and pointing into the curb in order to prevent brakes failing and runaways.

Already making my mark here at the hostel, having fun and improving my culinery skills as I helped to cook several meals for the entire hostel (about 160 people) - Pesto Pasta and yummy Mexican Tostada's so far!

Over the coming days locations still to visit are the Golden Gate Park, the Presidio district of the city where all the cool musuems are, Japan Town district, Mission district where they have awsome painted murials and more opporunities for cooking and nightlife all await.

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The capital of Oregon

sunny 20 °C

After a brief journey next stop was for a couple of days in the quiet city of Portland, where surprisingly I met lots of Americans all looking to relocate and move to, compared to Seattle it's a lot quieter here and made for a chance to chill out and not do a lot.

Some highlights from Portland were seeing Americans largest used Bookstore (And entire city block), the monthly Art Festival which is popular with the locals, the Blue Moon Bar with Delights such as "Terminator Stout" and ""Hammerhead IPA", and of course something that I have been wanting to get into over the last couple of months, I had my first guitar lesson, went through lots of basic stuff such as Chords and Notes and how to play them, almost all hostels have guitars sitting around and the lesson gave me the info I need to practice some basic stuff everywhere I go (Some Hostels even have "Open Mike Night" where you can win free beer or a room for the night - I can now woo them with a single Em or F5 Chord!!!)

Next will be an update from a popular location with everyone I have met and spoken to since arriving in Canada, San Francisco

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