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December 2007

A brief stopover in Singapore

rain 30 °C

Where do I start, the country is actually the size of a large city, and that's just what this place is, one of the first questions I asked is "where do all the people live", with the entire country being approx 45 km from East to West and 25 km from North to South and there seems to be little countryside to speak of, just lots of high rise buildings and shopping malls.

Arriving into the magnificent Changi Airport where everything is so luxurious, I jumped into a Taxi and 30 minutes later found myself at the "Sleepy Sam's Bed & Breakfast" Hostel which apparently was rated the 2nd best hostel in South East Asia several years ago.

The weather here is hot and humid with Temperatures as high in the Night as they are in the Day (approx 25 degrees), with rain every afternoon for several hours in Nov and Dec this place is certainly interesting.

Wandering through the city through the day on Saturday afternoon all the people seem to be vacant from the streets and the museums, "Where is everybody?", it turned out they are in the air conditioned underground shopping malls and buildings

During my time here I have visited the Asian Ancient Civilizations Museum, walked through the city along the Singapore river and seen the Famous Raffles Hotel.

I have met yet more interesting people at the hostel which is conveniently located close to the district on Little India.

The Singapore River which runs through the Country


Singapore by Night


It is certainly a great city to visit for a couple of days, most people use it as a stopping off point for flights or for getting into/out of Asia, which is a little unfair but all in all a great place to see.

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Final Days in Australia

Byron Bay and then over to the West

sunny 25 °C

Byron Bay on the Gold Coast is a pretty chilled out place with lots of people doing nothing and doing it rather slowly as well, the hostel was a friendly place with it's own swimming pool which made relaxing in the sun especially popular.

Byron bay is home to the furthest point east in the whole of Australia and also to a historical Lighthouse which sits on top of the cliffs keeping an eye on the waters below, after an hour's walk up to it I managed to get to the top and get some impressive pictures of the views.

Upon Leaving the Gold Coast I took not one but two flights to get to Perth all the way over on the West Coast.

The first thing that hits you about Perth is that for a city it is so clean and tidy, with the roads and path's being almost devoid of litter and other general untidyness.

It is a lot more fresher here instead of being humid on the east but the Sun is still very powerful but I sense the full power of the Australian summer still hasn't kicked in yet.

With my limited time I toured the city taking in as many of the sights as possible, Kings Park is a small place situated high above the main city and hosts some more impressive views over everything.

Slighty out of the city about 30 minutes from Perth is the laid back town of Freemantle, which was home to one of Western Australia's maximum security prisons until they closed it in 1991 and turned it into a Historical Museum

I had been recommended an a few occasions to visit and found the whole place very fascinating, as it only closed about 15 years ago there were some many stories and things that happend at the Prison which I could relate to and spent about 3 hours touring the facility and learning lots of interesting stuff.

With my time here in Australia almost over the next port of call is a brief stopover in Singapore for a few days before my onward flight home back to Blighty just in time for Christmas.

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1770 & the Sunshine Coast

sunny 30 °C

The town of 1770 was cool and so chilled out, apparently it's the only town in the world with a number as a name but i'm not sure thats entirely acurate.

The Cool Banana's Hostel in town had a great vibe to it and spent the evenings chatting to people out under the stars with a huge fire close by.

Also one of the main reasons to visit the town is to try some of the dirt cheap activities in the area, I got together with some other from the hostel and joined as a big group for fun at the beach on a beginners surfing lesson.

After learning the basics and several hours of attempting to stand up and not fall off (wipeout) when the big waves came crashing forward I can proudly say that I'm not a great surfer yet and much more practice is needed.

Jumped on the Greyhound bus early monday morning and spent the rest of the day travelling back south along the coast to the posh and expensive resort town of Noosa Heads on the sunshine coast.

This is where all the Australian rich and famous have their holiday homes and come the retire in luxury.

It has a wonderfully small national park right next to the town and spent one day walking many km's along the coast and through the bush with Iguana's and other strange animals all in the undergrowth.

As I head further south now back to Brisbane and Byron Bay before catching a flight in a couple of days across to the west coast city of Perth, apparently the most remote city on the planet.

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