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New Zealand

Moving onwards from New Zealand

semi-overcast 18 °C

Unfortunately my time in New Zealand is almost up, and in only a few short hours I will be flying to Melbourne to begin the tour around Australia.

The last few weeks here in the South Island have been mixed with some action packed days and some days spent lazing around, some time has been spent in several cities (Dunedin - World steepest Street, Christchurch - Antarctic Centre), whilst the rest has been in small villages and towns which are dotted around (Queenstown, Lake Tekapo, Kaikoura).

On the last leg of the journey we stopped of in Lake Tekapo which is located next to Mount Cook National Park, managed to see yet more awesome scenery and ventured out on some stunning hikes with other people from the hostel.

Also something that I wanted to checkout was the Space observatories located on top of Mount John which looks over miles and miles of NZ wilderness, due to the weather being so fantastic at the time I signed up for a night of star gazing, and together with several other people managed to look at various planets, stars and other interesting heavenly bodies in space huge distances away, all through powerful telescopes only normally accessible to scientific study - Fascinating!!!

My final stops have been to the popular Fishing village of Kaikoura, and to the largest city on the South Island Christchurch which is supposedly the most European City in New Zealand.

The Magic Bus turned out to be an excellent way of getting around the country, we stopped off in many isolated places to take photo's, lunch in small villages and seaside settings and drinks out in some excellent pubs and bars in New Zealand, I was fortunate to meet lots of people along the way and will stay friends with many of them.

During my time here I was on the lookout for native Kiwi's to find out more about living on this side of the world and cultural differences, luckily I met these great group of people who were touring around their home country, it was interesting to learn about the differences in the way of life here and it was great to swap stories from places closer to home.

My 36 days here has moved by very quickly, I have managed to see all that I wanted and more in between, looking forward to visiting Melbourne and have a few ideas to mix it up and make things as interesting as possible?

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Photo's from New Zealand

sunny 18 °C

It's been an exciting couple of weeks, moving slowly southwards and now in New Zealand's South Island.

Had a brief stop over in Wellington and learned some new skills of indoor rock climbing (excellent), visited the brilliant national museum, flew across to Picton on the South Island and carried on the adventure to the sunny town of Nelson, Greymouth, the magnificent town of Franz Joseph with the huge Frozen Glaciers close by, and now in the popular town of Wanaka for the New Zealand Bank Holiday.

Here are some photo's of what I have been up to recently

The city of Wellington from on top of Mount Victoria


Waiting for our ride up the Glacier in Franz Joseph


Meeting the party at the top


Wandering around on the Ice


Looking cool Amongst the blue Ice


Our Transport has arrived


Lots still to see and do so more later

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New Zealand

Māori translation - The Long White cloud

sunny 18 °C

So begins the next portion of the journey, after a brief stop over in LA, managed to spend a day sightseeing in Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard before heading back to the airport for a flight onwards to Auckland.

Everything went a bit weird as we crossed the international date line mid flight and it jumped from being 8 hours behind GMT on the 28th to being 12 hours in front on the 30th September.

It's still in spring here in New Zealand and with temperatures only just about 20 degrees it made for a big shock jumping from hot sunshine for the last 3 months into the cold - (I even had to put my coat on!!!)

The country is a similar size to the UK, but with a very important difference, there are only about 4 million people, I didn't think little villages of a dozen houses and a shop still existed but they do and are everywhere here, (not just in rural out of the way area's).

That's ok though as us tourists are out in force everywhere, 11 million of us each year swamp the country sampling the best of what's on offer!

And exactly what is on offer, to date currently been on a day tour around Auckland seeing a lot of the 63 volcano's that make up the city, walking under the Auckland harbor bridge to watch bungy jumping in high gales, driving along 90 mile Beach which is a magnificent place which runs up to Cape Reinga right at the top of the country, visited the countries historic treaty grounds from 1840's, Headed to the North East and walked through brush to get to the hidden Cathedral Cove, been underground in the Waitomo caves to see thousands of glow worms in their natural habitat, seen fluffy bunny rabbits shorn for their Angora fur (all escaped unharmed) and finally rolled downhill in a giant plastic ball called a Zorb which has all made for a very interesting couple of weeks.


Cathedral Cove - It's really me!


90 Mile Beach - It's only about 57km but it is a public highway and you can drive on it like any other road


London - over 9000 Miles away at Cape Reinga


Zorbing downhill - Great fun



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