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Canada at 12000 ft

sunny 20 °C

This entry couldn't wait any longer

Despite all the crap weather we are having here at the moment, my persistence has paid off and managed to achieve one of my goals I set for myself a bit early.

Saw adverts and info on this whilst here in Vancouver and through investigation and finding out the finer points of how to handle one's self whilst at high altitude I booked my first and possibly one of many tandem Sky Dives.

Finally today the weather broke for about 5 hours and sunshine mixed with blue sky made it all possible, a quick 2 hour bus ride to the air field followed by a 30 minute crash course (!?!?!?) in how to perform all of the moves like a pro and it's was off into the sky in what can only be described as a custom built bi-plane.

Whilst in the plane which took a surprisingly long time to reach 12000 ft, me and approx 10 other guys were all kitting themselves up for the big push

Together with my instructor we were the first ones out (thankfully), and what I can only describe as a "mind overloading experience" hurtled to the ground for approx 60 seconds before the parachute kicked in and we almost stopped to a crawl.

Unbelievably I was able to have a perfect conversation with my instructor for about 5 minutes whilst floating to the ground with a bit of a bump but with no injuries made it one of the peak moments so far for this adventure.

Lots of photos to prove how brave I am and I look forward to recounting this story over and over again in person!

What can I do next ???

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West Coast Update

Cool city with a laid back attitude

rain 18 °C

Hi all faithful readers

Not trying to rub your noses in it but really enjoying my time here in Vancouver, almost certainly the best Canadian city I have been to so far

The hostel I am staying in is right in the middle of Downtown, so it's like living on Tottenham Court Road, it's that close to all the nightlife, and the interesting parts of the city.

For those of you who watch the American Drama TV shows I was fortunate to wander right into the middle of one show being recorded in front of the Art Museum in the heart of Vancouver, the show is called "The 4400" and although was unable to get on the show (as a extra), it was fun to be there.

Stanley Park (or Stanley Forest as it would be called in the UK) is a hive of activity and a tourist hot spot/place to chill out or get lost in.

I have a few more days in Vancouver before heading west again to Vancouver Island (about 2 hours from here), where I will stay for the weekend, as almost all people I have met in Canada have recommended I visit Victoria on the Island as well as some other places so will check them out before ending the Canadian portion of the trip and moving south into the US

Will post more pictures when I can

Bye for now

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Several nights at the Emerald Lake

Traveling to the West Coast

sunny 25 °C


Successfully caught a flight from Toronto to Calgary on wed 11th which meant I didn't have to travel overland via bus on a 3 day journey (lots of people have told me it's good for a few hours but after that it's not much fun).

Stayed in Calgary for a couple of hours whilst waiting for a connecting bus which took me to the picturesque area in the Rocky Mountain National Park called "Lake Louise".

The Hostel I stayed in was the most luxurious so far, and with numerous walks/hikes/trails to follow through the mountains. I made the most of my brief stay there by chatting to new people and hiking up to Lake Louise and around (about 12K in total). (Lots of Photo's to follow)

After a couple of days I caught the another coach and spent a exhausting 15 hours on a long distance overnight journey which put me in Vancouver at 5:00am Saturday morning.

Now in Vancouver and staying in a cool hostel right in the heart of Downtown which is great for checking out the surrounding nightlife, but with a bar situated right inside the hostel selling it's famous and cheap "Beaver" beer I haven't traveled too far yet!

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Day trip to Niagara Falls

It's like being in Blackpool!!!

sunny 30 °C

Enjoying my time in Toronto which is experiencing a heat wave with very high humidity at the moment.

I gave you some pictures of this stuff already but managed to watch a baseball game at Roger's Stadium whilst in town, The Toronto Blue Jays vs the Cleveland Indians, final score 8 - 6 with the Blue Jays winning.

We sat in the cheapest seats and only paid $9 each per ticket (about 4.50 quid), and surprisingly even though we were right at the back near the top of the stadium we had a completely clear view of the game and had a really good time, the only downsides were that we did not know the rules and so for the first hour were guessing what the hell was going on, but as the people ran around the field and the game went on we managed to figure most of it out.
The full game took almost 3 hours to finish and the although the action was few and far between, (just like any other baseball Game I am told) it was cool to be there.

Right next door to the baseball is the world famous CN Tower, at a height of 553 metres it give some great views of the city.

Right now I am in the small Town of Niagara Falls and apart from the obvious Tourist Attraction the town feels like a American version of Blackpool, with Amusement Arcades, Wax Museums, and cheesy rides everywhere, it's really surprising/strange that you have the majestic falls next to all of this Tourist Mumbo Jumbo so 1 day here is more than enough.

Back to Toronto tomorrow before flying over to Calgary to spend a few days in the Canadian Rockies!

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Photo's from Canada

Here they are

sunny 27 °C

Hi All

Having a great time in Toronto, checking out lots of things that are going on here, and finally I have some photo's to prove it!

Here are some of the best I have taken so far and during my stay in Toronto

Inside the Montreal Olympic Stadium


The Top of the World tallest Inclined Tower at Montreal Olympic Stadium


The view from the top of the Olympic Stadium


Outside the Hi-Ottawa Jail


Inside the Hi-Ottawa Jail


Death Row (Pretty Creepy!)


We have escaped!!! - A Night out in Ottawa with some fellow inmates


The View from the top of the CN tower in Toronto


Jonny and Me in the Eaton Centre - Toronto


Free Beer at the Steam Whistle Brewery


The Toronto Blue Jays Vs the Cleveland Indians - Baseball at Roger's Stadium


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Ottawa was cool

2 Nights in a converted Jail!!!

sunny 26 °C

Wow those 2 nights in Ottawa went quickly, I had the good fortune to spend my time in a Hostel that is converted from a Fully functioning Prison.

The Jail was used and occupied for 110 years up until the 1970's where I believe it housed several hundred inmates at any one time, all were there with different convictions, it also had it's own death row (on the Top Floor) where numerours people were executed on the grounds. (Walked along there and it is really creepy!!!)

Obviously lots of history associated with the Hostel which holds daily tours to the public/guests, they also claim it is haunted, but alas I never saw anything. (only a couple of zombiefied travellers)
We all get to stay in a converted Jail cells, (with our very own bars), and the whole place has a old prison feel to it, right down from the huge heavy doors which seperate sections and the caste Iron staircase which connects all of the floors.

Taken lots of pictures so far which I should finally be able to upload the best ones on here for those who keep asking for them.

Apart from the Hostel, Ottawa was a good city to explore but 2 days was definetly enough time as apart from the Parliament buildings there is not that much more to do.

Thanks to everyone who has left comments on the Blog so far, and apologies to who I have not replied back yet but so far Internet Access is a mixed bag at different locations, with lots of people waiting to use the PC's (like right now)

Now in Toronto as I type this which is just an enormous city, which I look forward to checking out over the next couple of days.


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Onwards further into Canada

Time spent in Montreal

sunny 25 °C


Travelled from Montreal to Ottawa today, Montreal certainly was a great city with an constantly partying nightlife and lots to see and do around the city.

I visited the Olympic Stadium which although is generally hated by the population, it did host the games in 1976, I got some great photos of Montreal from on top of the world tallest inclinded structure.

There is the world famous Montreal Jazz Festival here at the moment checked out the opening act, a muscian called Carlinhos Brown put on a great performance, it's more like a Music festival instead of a Jazz festival which has made it a lot more accessible, listened to some alternative music I would have never considered before.

Sunday was Canada Day (1st July) which is celebrated as apparently a couple of centuries ago they drove off the invading Britsh, lots of street Festivals and carnivals/Entertainers/Mimes/Muscians etc..., great weather and although i'm told Montreal does'nt really celebrate it as much as other places in Canada there was lots going on.

Old Montreal was interesting, with it's small streets it felt very much like a old european town within the city.

Have met lots of people from all over the world and hit lots of bars and clubs all over the city, great venues and a cosmopolitan vibe to the city certainly attracts a lot of people.

Next entry should be coming very soon (now that I have free Internet Access for a couple of days) and already have some interesting information from where I am staying in Ottawa.


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I Made it!!!

Finally arrived in Montreal

sunny 30 °C

After (what seems like months and months of planning) it's finally here and I have arrived in Montreal Canada.

Flight was pretty uneventful and I am settling in to my role of travelling for the next 250 odd days.

What have I discovered so far, they have red fire hydrants here, everything is in French first then English in the small print, the city is very large, and the people seem happy, bubbly and very friendly.

I can understand now when people say it has a european vibe to it, (as it does), but it's a bit more than that.

Will have more news in the coming days and weeks

Look forward to reading your comments

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1 Week Till Blast Off!!!

Blog Entry.....1


1 Week to go and as I write this I am getting that exciting feeling again (haven't felt that for a couple of weeks since all the work and organising has been taking up most of my time), flat is gone (I scrubbed it and now it's looking super clean).

Living back in on Canvey now for another week, it's only 45 mins from London but even here I'd forgotten how much quieter it is here compared to the city.

Got my pocket french dictionary ("Le car est parti sans moi" - The coach has left without me!!!) so I should be set for any eventuality that occurs.

Going back through the itinerary I hit Montreal first and plan on staying for a short while to check out the city and surrounding areas before moving further into the wilderness.

Until next time when I should have more info and excitement to include

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